Florida Woman Reveals Why She Beat Up A Racist White Woman

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When notorious fascist Richard Spencer got punched on Trump’s inauguration day, the internet made the event into a viral sensation. While liberals wrung their hands over whether it was appropriate to answer hate speech with violence, others congratulated the mystery puncher. Well, there’s a new contender for the throne, and it’s a Floridian woman who answered racism with the beat-down of a lifetime.

Since August 20th, there has been a viral video circulating that shows a woman in a blue dress provoking and then being beaten by another woman identified as Colleen Dagg. The woman in the blue dress had said something racist to Dagg about Haitians, and the video shows her following it up by physically provoking Dagg.

Big mistake, because Dagg then throws her to the ground and starts punching and kicking her. In the expletive-filled video, Dagg shouts at her, “You put your hands on me, you say some racist-a** s***, and then you stand on me?” The altercation finishes when hotel employees are able to drag them apart.

Both Dagg and the woman in the blue dress were white, and Dagg believes that it’s very important to “use [her] white privilege for the right reasons,” in order to stop the spread of racism.

In a statement on social media made after the video went viral, Dagg explained why she got physical with the other woman.ย 

“This is a young country, built on racism,” she wrote, “[where] Black people have been disenfranchised for 250 years.”

“Disclaimer,” she concluded the statement, “some people can’t handle the truth. Stay ready.”

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