Attractive Teachers Share Stories About What It Is Like When Students Have A Crush On You


Teachers have to deal with some rowdy kids who can sometimes be impolite, rude or just straight up mean. Depending on the age they teach it could either be unruly kids or a factor of puberty.

What would be worse:accidentally calling your teacher ‘mom’ or having the whole class know that you have a crush on your teacher? As if that wasn’t bad enough, you have to deal with seeing your teacher on daily basis and also bracing for the embarrassment that your friends are undoubtedly going to put you through.

Time and time again we see students who have crushes on certain teachers. Who knows? Maybe create a weird dynamic in the classroom when a student is regularly batting their eyelashes at the teacher in teachers. The question was: ‘did you know which students had a crush on you? Some of these answers coming up will be sure to make you laugh!

1. ‘I coach on all-star cheerleading and the 4-6th graders also have some crushes. They’ll ask me about my current girlfriend and then compare themselves to her. “She’s tall, skinny and blonde? I’m tall, skinny and blonde!” Some of them draw me pictures and others will try to stand close by when we’re having a team meeting and “subtly” lean against me.” (Reddit user: AlbusDumbyDoor)


2. ‘As a English teacher in Japan who was teaching English, I fondly remember this one Japanese student who would always ask me what my favorite food was. Despite regularly asking me out, I would say ‘maybe next time’ but it was certainly flattering to receive such attention even while overseas.” (Reddit user: quetzlthethird)


3. ‘I was teaching organic chemistry and I noticed that this one particular student would always subtly flirt with me. She would go to my office during office hours to flirt with me and ‘ask for extra help’ but little did she know I was gay.’ (Reddit user: rabid_spidermonkey)

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4. ‘I’m teaching right now, and a 6th grader I have stares at me. Just sits there and STARES with his mouth ajar. Maybe he is just doing it cause I am weird, but it’s always funny to look over and see him staring. Then he’ll look away real fast.’ (Reddit user: everlong12)


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