Police Officers Talk About The Funny Things They’ve Seen Teenagers Do



Teenagers have a natural penchant for finding trouble and cops are no strangers to receiving calls on account of their rowdy shenanigans. While teens do the best they can to steer clear of a run in with the police, every now and then, the law manages to crash their party.


Cops see just about everything but sometimes the youth give them some well deserved comedic relief on the job.


One Redditor asked the community’s police officers what’s the weirdest thing they’ve caught teenagers doing that is illegal but hilarious and the responses did not disappoint. Here are 25 stories of the comical mischief cops have busted teenagers doing.


1. Hide and Seek: “My dad has been a cop for almost 30 years and one of my favorite stories of his is when he got a call about some teenagers vandalizing a park. Dispatch warned him that the lady who reported them calls 24/7 thinking she’s the neighborhood watch. My dad cruised in towards the park with his lights blacked out and saw that the teens weren’t doing any vandalizing, they were playing hide and seek. He got out of his car and snuck up on a group of them. When they saw him, they freaked out and my dad said, ‘Dude, shut up or the other team will find us!’ The guys cracked up and he ended up playing hide and seek with them for the next hour.” (Reddit user: [deleted])


2. Just Pretend: “Received a noise complaint from a neighbor who informed us that the parents next to them were out of town and they suspected underage drinking and possible drug use. We arrived at the house and played the ‘nobody’s home’ game until one of the kids let my partner in the back door. We got in and found around 12 teenagers with multiple bottles of rum and vodka as well as several baggies of marijuana and some pills on the table. However, once we actually inspected the substances, we found that the booze was actually just filled with water, the marijuana was just oregano and the pills were just aspirin. They were having a pretend party to put the pictures on social media. The strongest thing in that room was Red Bull.” (Reddit user: winning_ugly)

3. Questionably Legal: “My brother and a couple of friends were jumping their bikes off the end of a public boat dock behind the city hall, which also housed our town’s police station. They tethered their bikes to a pole so that they wouldn’t get lost at the bottom and they could easily reel them in. A cop came out and watched them for a bit and then said, ‘I’m fairly certain something about this is illegal, but I really can’t figure out what. Looks like fun though. Be safe.’” (Reddit user: SlothOfDoom)


4. Captain Caught: “A frat house was having a party and one of the guys in attendance was dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow for no real reason in particular. The cops showed up and were clearing people out when Captain Sparrow saw them from upstairs and yelled, ‘Gentlemen, you will forever remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.’ He then proceeded to jump out the window, broke both of his legs, and got a Minor in Possession.” (Reddit user: rjbman)


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