‘Hitler’s Relatives Made A Pact To Never Have Children’: 25 Eye-Opening Historical Facts



Many people have a basic knowledge of historical events and facts but some of us like to dig a little deeper and find those bits of knowledge that aren’t as common!


Ever sit around with a group of friends discussing topics when someone suddenly pipes up a fact they learned about history? A series of “oohs” and “aahs” come from the group as they impart their knowledge on their peers.


Meanwhile, you are left scratching your head because the idea of what they’re saying feels preposterous. You fact-check them using the internet and… VOILA! Mind = Blown. The following is a list of mind blowing, eye opening facts about history that you may not have known!


1. Sneaky Napoleon: In an attempt to invade Austria, Napoleon and his troops needed to cross the Danube river, and there being only one bridge heavily guarded, he proceeded to order his generals to pretend the war was over. The soldiers walked past enemy lines, shaking hands and cheering. They lied saying that an armistice had been signed, and were able to cross unharmed. (Reddit user: Fredfredbug4)


2. Modern Sunglasses Originate from China: Originally, sunglasses were worn by north american natives to reduce glare and prevent snow-blindness, but the first use of glass lenses were invented in China in the early 12th century, but were not used to block out the sun! Instead, they were used to hide courtroom judges facial expressions! (Reddit user: josserg)

3. Ducks = Priority During War: During the Irish rebellion against British Rule in the Easter Rising battle of 1916, a daily cease-fire was granted for both sides. Why, you may ask? Well, it was to allow the elderly groundskeeper at St. Stephen’s Green park to stop and feed the ducks in safety. (Reddit user: daveyb86)


4. Albert Einstein For President: In the mid 1950s, it is reported that world renowned scientist, Albert Einstein, was once offered the position of second president for Israel. Einstein remarked, “I have neither the natural ability nor the experience to deal with human beings.” Spoken like a true man of knowledge. (Reddit user: Eloquentdyslexic)



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