12 Symptoms You Can’t Ignore If You Experience Pain All Over Your Body



When it comes to illness and well-being, a lot people turn to the internet nowadays to try and diagnose themselves before going to see an actual doctor. What about generic pain and symptoms that cannot be diagnosed by a computer?


Generic chronic pain like fibromyalgia can sometimes be attributed to the root cause of many symptoms, but doctors are still baffled why or how it works.  


The following is a list of 12 symptoms that should never be ignored, and you should consult a physician if they persist.


1. Your Pain Lasts Longer Than 3 Months: Chronic pain is both draining on your physical health and your mental health. This symptom is usually a red flag for anyone. Whether it be tooth pain, back pain, abdominal pain or chest pain. It’s a sign your body is struggling with something, and you should always seek a medical professional’s opinion. Stop worrying and get answers.


2. Exhaustion and Pain are Severe in the Morning: When you wake up, you should feel rested and ready to go. Unless you spent the previous day helping your friends move or using muscles you haven’t in a long time, you shouldn’t wake up in pain. Chronic mornings like this are a sign that you need to get something looked at.

3. You Cannot Sleep: Pain that wakes you up from a deep sleep should never be ignored. If you cannot sleep regularly because of a bodily issue, this will be especially draining and dangerous as your body uses your sleep to rest, heal, and rejuvenate itself.


4. Sharp Localized Pain: If you’re feeling pain in a specific area, and the pain does not seem to go away over time, you could be dealing with a far more serious issue. Arthritis or carpal tunnel may be one cause, but left unchecked it could be something far worse.


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