The Game Of Thrones Finale Solved One Of The Worst Things About The New Season


*Spoilers, obviously!*

Since Season One, Game of Thrones has rewarded those who played the Game well; those who backstabbed, schemed, or lied their way into power. In Season Seven, that meant watching Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish drive a wedge between the Stark sibs. Seeing the finally-reunited sisters at each other’s throats was incredibly frustrating, and it only got worse when Sansa ordered a trial for her sister, accusing her of murder and treason.


But in perhaps the most beautiful moment of the season, Sansa waited until the middle of “Arya’s” trial to reveal that Littlefinger was the real architect of the Stark family’s misfortunes. Littlefinger stood there open-mouthed as his many crimes were revealed in public, leaving him nothing to hide behind. It was a fitting end for the slimy manipulator, who took “obsession with the child of a dead lady who never loved him” to levels that even Severus Snape would find creepy.


About time, too! Watching the Stark sisters fight it out during the season was maddening. They’ve both been hurt and traumatized by the Game, and to watch it tearing their family apart was yell-at-the-TV painful. It seemed as though they had forgotten their father’s advice that during the winter, “the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”


Which makes it all the more satisfying that Littlefinger’s death was a team effort, using all of the Stark sibs’ talents. 


While Sansa uses her status as Queen in the North and her ice-cold delivery to put Littlefinger on blast, it’s Bran, in his capacity as the omniscient Three-eyed Raven, who reads out the damning evidence.

Finally, it’s Arya, taking her father’s advice to look the man you kill in the eye, who executes him. 

The family that slays together, stays together.


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