Just One Step’s – 30 Day Walking Challenge

Join the JOS 30 Day Walking Challenge!

30 Days to get out of the office and feeling healthier in 15-30 Minutes A Day!
You’ll Get Weekly Emails with the Precise Steps You Need to get out the office and increase your energy.

13528790_1177749835578415_1490921278777222211_nOur Next Live Challenge Starts on July 18th.

We Challenge you spend the next 30 Days To Get Your Mind and Body Healthier by Sending 15-30 Minutes a Day Getting Up and Moving.

How The Challenge Works.
The JOS 30 Day Challenge is Simple but Powerful…
  • You’ll receive an email every Sunday night during the Challenge showing you what you need to do each day during the week.
  • The Challenge Consists of stepping away from your desk while helping you develop the Discipline to Get Moving Every Single Day. (The habits you’ll form are critical.)
  • The Challenge takes about 15 minutes to complete every day.  With that Small of a time investment, there is no Reason can’t Rock This. (No matter how busy you are.)
  • All you need is a good pair of walking shoes.  No Fancy Equipment Needed.  You can do this Anywhere In The World.
  • You’ll be invited inside of Our JOS Accountability Group that will Help Motivate You Daily and keep You Focused as you Push Yourself To Get Healthier.
Imagine what Your Life would be Like if You Spent a Little Time Focusing On Getting More Energy.

In the next 30 days you’ll be pushed to Walk at Brisk Pace. At the end of 30 days you’ll have more Energy and Focus and finally be on the right path to Better Health. The Just One Step 30 Day Walking Challenge will give you the foundation and habits to make it happen.

In 30 Days You Could Feel Great With Increased Energy – Sign Up Today and Be a Part of our Next 30 Day Challenge.



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