A Bit About Me

Thank you for showing interest about me and my services. Please keep reading below 🙂

I am creative with Web & Graphic Designing expertise, as well as virtual IT executive. After completing my general education I decided to make an impact on an ideal platform.

To keep me updated with latest technology I have completed multiple courses from Google on Power Search, Analytics, etc. from Udemy on Udemy Course Creation, from IWA [International Web Association] recognized as a member of International Webmasters Association and many others.

I am always keen to utilize my creativity in the form of digital art & services.
I am a big fan of WordPress.com & WordPress.org & love to work with related things.
I provide my creative services on a freelancer/ contract / part-time basis for 100s of Global clients in their marketing, events and promotions. I love to work with CEOs, Founders & Marketing Experts, etc. from all around the world, helping them to successfully implement their various plans for their own or their clients’ businesses. Please read the following reviews, click here.

I love mountains specially Sikkim, My Family ❤ & Computer with Internet.

If you are looking for a person with my credentials and experience, to join your team, in either a full-time/part-time or contract basis, please don’t hesitate to call me now. I will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.
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